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Avanguard Capital facilitates capital raising campaigns and accelerates merger and acquisition transactions. We serve as the two-way bridge connecting Australia and Europe to the global stage, with a focus on Europe, the Middle-East, and North America.
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Connecting Continents, Bridging Success
About Us
Avanguard Capital, led by Founder and Managing Director Patrick Kedemos, is a global strategic advisory firm. With extensive international experience, we specialize in capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, fostering deep relationships across Australia, Europe, the Middle-East, and North America. Our mission is to be the catalyst for our clients' success, navigating the intersection of financial expertise and global connectivity.
Our Services
Capital Raising
We support our clients’ capital raising campaigns via the following services:
• Advising on appropriate and impactful capital raising strategies to ensure presentability and investment readiness.
• Identifying the most suitable and likely investors
• Acting as the client’s advisor in developing required documentation.
• Organising hosted visits and executing bespoke roadshows.
• Providing business strategy consultancy services to fine-tune our clients’ approach.
Strategic Advisory
Our strategic advisory approach involves preparing our clients for future transactions and/or optimising their current activities through:
• Developing divestment, merger and acquisition strategies.
• Identifying acquisition, investor and partner targets.
• Formulating de-risking plans.
• Coaching the core management team and the board.
• Formulating financial models that optimise valuation.
• Facilitating post-deal integration.
Transactions Made Simple
Our merger and acquisitions services offer complete buy-side and sell-side support through:
• Tailoring transaction processes aligned with our clients’ merger, acquisition and exit strategies.
• For the buy-side – Engaging with potential targets, assisting in due diligence and structuring a deal.
• For the sell-side – Engaging with potential buyers or partners, assisting in due diligence and structuring a deal.
• Comprehensive closing and post-deal assistance.
Our Workshops
Avanguard Capital's workshops stand out as invaluable learning experiences, providing participants with practical tools, industry insights, and expert guidance. These sessions, led by seasoned professionals, empower individuals and organizations to master the complexities of capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, fostering strategic thinking that propels them towards sustainable success.
Our Team
Avanguard Capital’s global team draws from a wealth of experience to assist our clients in developing the right corporate strategies to achieve their desired transaction outcomes. Our team of highly talented and motivated individuals bring their own unique set of skills to the group, ensuring our clients receive well crafted, end-to-end advice delivering superior outcomes.
Patrick Kedemos
Founder and Managing Director
Perth, Australia

Patrick Kedemos is the founder and Managing Director of Avanguard Capital. He has gathered extensive international experience advising companies of all industries and sizes and assisting them in raising capital, conducting mergers and acquisitions and commercialising their technology. Patrick sits on several boards and teaches at the University of Western Australia and at the Australian Institute of Management. He speaks seven languages and has lived and worked in eight different countries. Patrick holds a Master of Science from NEOMA and is a graduate of the INSEAD MBA.
Patrick has accumulated extensive international experience with entities ranging from technology start-ups to listed companies across a wide variety of industries, and to Fortune 500 companies such as Air Liquide and Wesfarmers. He started his career as the founder of a company providing marketing research. After selling his company, he joined Air Liquide, one of the largest industrial groups in Europe, within which he gained a wealth of experience, operating across various geographies and industries. These included roles as Sales and Marketing Manager, Financial Controller, General Manager and Corporate Strategy Manager. Patrick was then the Managing Director of AnaeCo, a publicly-listed technology company and the Honorary Consul for France in Western Australia.
Michael Alf
Partner European Business
Lisbon, Portugal & Berlin, Germany

Michael has extensive experience advising clients across a wide variety of industries and consulting on topics that range from mergers & acquisitions to growth strategy and from corporate advisory to capital raising. He also sits on the board of businesses with a focus on new technologies. Michael is a dual Australian and German citizen and has lived in eight countries. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Germany and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.
Michael´s professional experience combines extensive advisory and consulting experience with Capgemini for 12 years and other consulting firms, executive roles in services, software and logistics and an entrepreneurial background with a focus on capital raising for digital and technology businesses. He joined Capgemini after leaving the German armed forces as a captain, to become a Vice-President in Germany and in global roles and then in Australia where he was responsible for the Melbourne office. He is also the author of a number of books.
Tarek Zein
Partner Middle East Business
Dubai, UAE

Tarek has over 15 years of Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Management Advisory experience in the GCC, Levant & North Africa. Tarek possesses broad sectoral experience with a track record of origination, execution and post-acquisition value creation, restructuring struggling businesses and delivering exceptional results for investors. He has also contributed to fundraising efforts and corporate strategy in start-ups and SMEs. He is a fluent English, French and Arabic speaker, holds a Masters in Finance from the University of Essex, and is an Economics graduate of the Lebanese-American University.
Tarek’s professional experience in private equity and corporate development gained him both a buy and sell side view of the investment space, and a broad network of industry stakeholders. He most recently held a director role in a tech-enabled start-up where he raised a series A round before selling the company to a US player. Prior to that, he worked in corporate finance at a major UAE conglomerate with operations across the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, helping restructure the group’s capital and launch a healthcare vertical. Tarek also worked for over 10 years in private equity where he executed transactions in the healthcare, education, technology, agriculture and F&B sectors, and played active roles in managing value creation in portfolio companies.
Daniel Buhagiar
Associate Director
Perth, Australia

Daniel is an Associate Director at Avanguard Capital, with an international background and diverse experience across strategy, leadership psychology, operations, innovation and transformation, marketing and business development, within global tech start-ups and large $1B corporations. An international MBA graduate with an eye for the future of management thinking, Daniel is a dynamic operator in both strategic and operational capacities; he excels in understanding a business quickly, simplifying complexity, and crafting effective strategies.
Daniel guides clients in developing compelling documentation for capital raising, effectively positioning businesses within their market and competitive landscape. This includes the value proposition, business model and growth potential, with capital allocation plans that resonate with investors. His project management skills and systematic approach ensure seamless coordination. In M&A, Daniel aligns activities with strategic goals, communicating rationale and integration plans with stakeholders. His international background aids in understanding organisational and cultural nuances. Daniel articulates long-term visions in the general advisory and synthesises the big picture to develop creative recommendations that solve problems and improve performance. Daniel prides himself on staying ahead of the curve; his holistic approach and experience make him an ideal partner for any organisation.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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How does Avanguard Capital fulfil Sell-Side Mandates?
Estimating Transaction Value
• Preparing the company for the transaction
• Identifying relevant local and international strategic financial buyers
• Preparing a comprehensive Investment Memorandum
• Preparing a Teaser
• Structuring optimal strategies and timing
• Identifying and negotiating terms with financing sources
• Assisting in negotiation until completion of transaction
How does Avanguard Capital fulfil Buy-Side Mandates?
• Screening/analysing the market
• Searching selectively for the most attractive opportunities
• Analysing targets and completing valuations
• Assisting in due diligence and the preparation of Board approval materials
• Structuring the transaction and its related financing
• Assisting in negotiation until transaction completion.
What is the transaction process of Avanguard Capital?
• Develop a sell-side or busy-side strategy.
• Set M&A search criteria.
• Search for potential target companies
• Start acquisition planning.
• Perform valuation.
• Negotiate and sign the deal.
• Perform due diligence.
• Create purchase and sale contracts
• Create the final financing strategy.
• Begin integration